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G01 - Generator Kawasaki KLX250 ZXR400 GT550

Kawasaki: KLX250, ZXR400, GT550*

G01 - Generator Kawasaki ZX6 (ZX600) Ninja

Kawasaki: ZX6 (ZX600) Ninja (98 on)

G01 - Generator Kawasaki Z650 SR650

Kawasaki: KZ650, KZ650E1, KZ650F1, SR650

G01 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ750

Kawasaki: GPZ750A1 GPZ750A3 GPZ750 UNITRAK

G01 - Generator Kawasaki GT750 Z750 ZR750

Kawasaki: *GT750, Z750E, Z750E1, *ZR750

G01 - Generator Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki: Z1000MK2, Z1000ST, Z1000JRK

G01 - Generator Kawasaki ZG1200 Z1300

Kawasaki: * ZG1200, Z1300

G01 - Generator Honda Dylan SES125

Honda: Dylan SES125 (Scooter)

G01 - Generator Norton Commander, F1, Rotary

Norton: Commander, F1, *Rotary

G01 - Generator Suzuki CS125 GS250 GSX250

Suzuki: VL125, CS125, GS250, GSX250

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS400 GS425 GS450

Suzuki: GS400E, GS400F, GS400T, GS425, GS450E, GS450L

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS500E GS550L

Suzuki: GS500E, GS550L, GS550 Katana

G01 - Generator Suzuki RF400 GR650

Suzuki: RF400*, GR650 Twin

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS650

Suzuki: GS650GL, GS650GT, GS650 Katana

G01 - Generator Suzuki GSX750, GT750

Suzuki: GSX750E, GSX750L, GSX750LS, GSX750ET, GT750*

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS850

Suzuki: GS850L, GS850GT

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS1000 GSX1100

Suzuki: GS1000 Katana, GSX1100

G01/RR10 - Generator Kit Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki: Z650F, Z650LTD, Z650SR

G02 - Generator EL250 EX250 GPX250R

Kawasaki: EL250 Eliminator, EX250, GPX250R

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  GPZ250 GPZ250R ZZR250

Kawasaki: GPZ250*, GPZ250R, ZZR250

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  GPZ400 Z400 Z440 ZR400R

Kawasaki: GPZ400 Unitrak, Z400 Z440LTD* ZR400R Unitrak

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  Z500 GPZ550 Z550 ZR550

Kawasaki: Z500 GPZ550A1, GPZ550 Unitrak, Z550LTD, ZR550 Zephyr, ZR550F Unitrak

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  GT750 Z750L ZR750 ZR1100

Kawasaki: GT750, Z750L, ZR750 Zephyr, ZR1100 Zephyr

G02 - Generator Suzuki GN250 GN400 GN450

Suzuki: GN250, GN400, GN450

G02 - Generator Suzuki GSX750 GT750 XN860

Suzuki: GSX750, GSX750E, GSX750EF, GSX750ES, GT750*, XN850

G02 - Generator Suzuki GS1000GL GSX1000

Suzuki: GS1000GL, GS1000GT, GSX1000E

G02 - Generator Suzuki GS1100 GSX1100

Suzuki: GS1100, GS1100G, GSX1100E, GSX1100EF, GSX1100ES

G03 - Generator

Kawasaki: ZL900, ZL1000 Eliminator, Z1000J/LTD/R, Z1000 Injection, GPZ1100 Unitrak, Z1100/GP/LTD/R/ST, ZG1200 Voyager*, Z1300 Injection

G03 - Generator Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator

Kawasaki: ZL900, ZL1000 Eliminator

G03 - Generator Kawasaki Z1000J Z1000LTD Z1000R Z1000

Kawasaki: Z1000J, Z1000LTD, Z1000R, Z1000 Injection

G03 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ1100 ZG1200 Voyager Z1300 Injection

Kawasaki: GPZ1100, ZG1200 Voyager, Z1300 Injection

G03 - Generator Kawasaki Z1100GP Z1100LTD Z1100R Z1100ST

Kawasaki: Z1100GP, Z1100LTD, Z1100R, Z1100ST

G04 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ750 Z750 ZR1100

Kawasaki: GPZ750 Turbo, GPZ750 Ninja, Z750 Turbo, Z750L*, ZR1100 Zephyr*

G05 - Generator for Kawasaki VN700 VN750 VN800 L300

Kawasaki: VN700 Vulcan, VN750 Vulcan, VN800 Classic, VN800 Vulcan, L300 Bayon

G05 - Generator Suzuki SV650

Suzuki: GN450, SV650

G06 - Generator

Honda: Goldwing GL1000, GL1100, GL1200

G07 - Generator

See Bike Models below

G07 - Generator Honda VLX400 VT400C VT500

Honda: VLX400 Shadow, VT400C Shadow, VT500C Shadow, VT500E, VT500FT

G07 - Generator Honda VLX600 VT600C XL600V

Honda: VLX600 Shadow, VT600C Shadow, XL600V Transalp

G07 - Generator Honda NV650C NX650 XL650V XRV750

Honda: NV650C, NX650 Dominator, XL650V, XRV750 Africa Twin*

G07 - Generator Suzuki RF400 VS600 VS700 VS750 VS800

Suzuki: RF400*, VS600, VS700, VS750, VS800 Intruder

G07 - Generator Yamaha XZ550 SZR660 XV750SE TDM850 XV1000 XV1100

Yamaha: XZ550, SZR660, XV750SE*, TDM850, XV1000 Virago, XV1100

G08 - Generator Honda Yamaha

Yamaha: Royalstar 1300, VMAX850, VMAX1200, XVZ1200, XVZ1300

G08 - Generator Honda CX500E CX650E GL500 NTV600 GL650

Honda: CX500E, CX650E, GL500, NTV600, GL650

G08 - Generator NT650GT NTV650 VT700C NTV750C NV750C XRV5750

Honda: NT650GT, NTV650, VT700C, NTV750C, NV750C Shadow, XRV750* (90-93)

G08 - Generator VT750C VT750C2  PC800 VT800C VT1100C VT1100C2

Honda: VT750C, VT750C2, PC800, VT800C, VT1100C, VT1100C2

G09 - Generator for Kawasaki ZX600, ZZR600

Kawasaki: ZX600, ZZR600* 89-96 (check dimensions)

G09 - Generator Kawasaki VN1500 Classic Vulcan SE

Kawasaki: VN1500 Classic, VN1500 Vulcan, VN1500 SE

G09 - Generator Suzuki LS650, LS650 Savage, VS600, VS1400 Intruder

Suzuki: LS650 (86-88), LS650 Savage (95-98), VS600, VS1400 Intruder

G09 - Generator Yamaha XV535 XTZ660 XTZ750 TRX850

Yamaha: XV535 Virago, XTZ660*, XTZ750*, TRX850

G11 - Generator GPZ250, Z400, Z440LTD, ER-5

Kawasaki: GPZ250 (belt drive)*, Z400*, Z440LTD*, ER5 (check dimensions)

G11 - Generator KLE300 KLE500

Kawasaki: KLE300, KLE500

G11 - Generator Kawasaki EN400 EN450 EN454 EN500 EX500

Kawasaki: EN400, EN450, EN454, EN500, EX500

G11 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ500S GT550 KZ550 Z550A2

Kawasaki: GPZ500S, GT550*, KZ550, Z550A2

G14 - Generator  Honda VF700C VF750C MAGNA VF700F VF750F INTERCEPTOR

Honda: VF700C and VF750C V45 MAGNA, VF700F and VF750F INTERCEPTOR

G14 Generator Honda VF700S VF750S SABRE

Honda: VF700S and VF750S V45 SABRE

G14 - Generator Honda VFR700 VFR750 NR750

Honda: VFR700, VFR700F, NR750, VFR750F* (1988-1989)

G14 - Generator Honda VF1000F VF1000R VF1100C V65

Honda: VF1000F, VF1000F2, VF1000R, VF1100C V65

G14 - Generator Aprilia Pegaso 650 BMW 650

Aprilia: Pegaso 650
BMW: 650*

G17 - Generator Honda Bros 400 (NC25) CB1-400 (NC27) CBR400 (NC29)

Honda: VT125, Bros 400 (NC25), CB1-400 (NC27), CBR400 (NC29)

G17 - Generator Honda CBR400RR (NC23) VFR400 (NC24) ATV-Pilot

Honda: CBR400RR (NC23)*, VFR400 (NC24)*, ATV-Pilot

G17 - Honda scooter FES125 FES250 SH125 NES125 NES150

Honda Scooter: FES125, FES250, SH125, NES125, NES150

G19 - Generator

Honda: CB650, CB650SC Nighthawk - European models only - NOT USA

G21 - Generator CB650Z CB750FA CB750FB CB750C CB750F2 (DOHC) CB750KZ

Honda: CB650Z, CB750FA, CB750FB, CB750C, CB750F2 (DOHC), CB750KZ

G21 - Generator Honda CB900C CB900F CB900F2

Honda: CB900C Custom, CB900F, CB900F2

G26 - Generator Aprilia RS50 AF150

This is a common scooter generator and fits Aprilia including RS50, AF150 and many others -
please ring or e-mail for more details.

G29 - Generator Kawasaki ZX6R ZX600R A1P

Kawasaki: ZX6R, ZX600R, A1P

G45 - Generator Kawasaki KLR250 KL600 KLR600 KLR650 KLX650R

Kawasaki: KLR250, KL600, KLR600, KLR650 Tengai, KLX650R

G45 - Generator Yamaha SRX600 XT600

Yamaha: SRX600, XT600 Electric start model only - please make sure you check the dimensions

G47 - Generator

Honda: CB250RS (electric start), CX500AB, FT500

G49 - Generator

Honda: XL600RM, TRX400EX, XBR500

G52 - Generator Honda VFR750F VFR800 CBR9900RR CBR1100XX

Honda: VFR750F (92 on)*, VFR800 (98-01), CBR900RR*, Fireblade, CBR1100 XX, Blackbird

G52 - Generator Ducati Hypermotard HM1100 HM1100S MH900E

Ducati:Hypermotard - HM1100, HM1100S, MH900E

G52 - Generator Ducati Monster 400 600 620 695 696 750 800 900 1000

Ducati:Monster - 400 (01-08), 400S (03), 600 (00-01), 620 (02-06), 620S (02-03), 695 / 696 (07-08), 750 (00-02), 750S (02), 800 (03), 800S (04), 900I.E. (00-02), 900S (00-01), 1000 (04-05), 1000S (03-05)

G52 - Generator Ducati Monster S2R 800 1000 S4R Testastretta S4RS Tricolore

Ducati:Monster - S2R 800 (05 on), S2R 1000 (05 on), S4R, S4RS Testastretta, Tricolore

G52 - Generator Ducati Multistrada MTS1000 MTS1100

Ducati:Multistrada MTS1000 (03-06), MTS1000S (05-06), MTS1100 (07-08), MTS1100S (07-08)

G52 - Generator Ducati SportClassic GT1000 Smart 1000 Mono Bip

Ducati: SportClassic - GT1000 (07), Smart 1000 (06), Sport 1000 (06), Sport 1000 Mono (07), Sport 1000 Bip (07-08), Sport 1000S (07-08)

G52 - Generator Ducati SuperBike 748 996 998

Ducati: SuperBike - 748 (99-02), 748S (00-02), 748R (00-02), 996 (99-01), 996S (99-01), 996R (01), 998 (02), 998S Bostrom / Bailey (02), 998 Matrix (04), 998S FE (04)

G52 - Generator Ducati SuperSport 620S 750 800 900 1000SS

Ducati: SuperSport - 620S (03), 750S (01-02), 750SS (00-02), 800S (03), 800SS (03-07), 900S (02), 900SS (00-02), 1000SS (03-06)

G53 - Generator

Honda: CB500 (94-97), RVF400R (NC35)*

G54 - Generator CB600F CBR600 FJS600

Honda: CB600F (Hornet), CBR600 (91-00) (please check dimensions), FJS600 (scooter - check dimensions)

G60 - Generator

Kawasaki: Z1300EFI

G62 - Generator

Yamaha: XJ650 (points model), XS650 (points model)

G64 - Generator

Kawasaki: ER6 (06-08) possibly later models.

G72 - Generator NSR250 NSR400 RFV400R RVF750R

Honda: NSR250, NSR400, RVF400R (NC35)*, VFR400Z (NC21), RVF750R

G72 - Generator VFR400 VFR400Z

Honda: VFR400 (NC24)*, VFR400 (NC30), VFR400 (uk model), VFR400Z (NC21)

G73 - Generator Kawasaki GPX400R GPX600R GPZ600R ZZR400 ZZR600

Kawasaki:, GPX400R, GPX600R, GPZ600R, ZZR400, ZZR600

G73 - Generator Yamaha XV250 XT600 XTZ660 XTZ750

Yamaha: XV250 Virago, XT600 (01-03), XTZ660*, XTZ750*

G74 - Generator Honda CBR400R CBR600 VF400F VF500CV30 VF500F/F2

Honda: CBR400R, CBR600 (87-90), VF400F, VF500CV30, VF500F, VF500F2

G74 - Generator Suzuki LT300 King Quad 350 VX800

Suzuki: LT300, King Quad 350, VX800

G74 - Generator Yamaha SZR660 YP250 YZF600 (R6) FZF600

Yamaha: SZR660, YP250, FZF600, YZF600 (R6) (94-99)

G75 - Generator

Honda: VFR750F (J-K 90-91)
Triumph: Tiger 955i, Speedtriple (2003), 955, 1050
Kawasaki: ZX12*
Yamaha: JZR600, YX600

G75 - Generator for Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster: M400, M600, M620, M695, M750, S2R, M900, M1000 S2R

G76 - Generator

Yamaha: FZR600 (89-99), XJ600 (80-91 - pre Diversion)

G77 - Generator

Suzuki: GSF500
Yamaha: YZF600/R6 (2000 on)

G78 - Generator

Suzuki: GSF400 Bandit, GSXR400 Import, GSX400 Katana

G83 - Generator

Kawasaki: KR-1S (250)

G86 - Generator

Yamaha: TDR250, TZR250

G88 Generator

Honda: ATC250R, TRX250, XR250

G89 - Generator

Honda: CBR900RR/929, FJS600 Silverwing Scooter - Frame Code SC44

G90 - Generator

Kawasaki: Z900, Z1000A/A1, Z1000 (Z1R)

G91 - Generator

Honda: TRX300EX

G92 - Ducati Twins

Most Ducati twins including:
M400 Monster, 500 Pantah, M600 Monster, 600 SS, 748 749 (1995), 750 F1, M750 Monster, 750 Sport (pre 01), 750 SS (pre 99), 851 888 Strada, 860 GTS, 900 SL SS, M900 Monster, 906 Paso, 907IE, 916, M1000 Monster S2R

G92 - Moto Guzzi Cagiva 750 900 Elefant Laverda Sformula 750

Cagiva: 750/900 Elefant        Laverda: Sformula 750
Also fits later Moto Guzzi models, please ring for more details

G93 - Generator

Fits early Ducati models

G94 - Generator

Kawasaki: ZX9R-C1

G95 - Generator

Suzuki: GSXR600K1, GSXR750K1

G97 - Generator

Honda: XLV1000 Varadero

G98 - Generator

V-Max 850, V-Max 1200

G110 - Generator

Honda: VTR1000 - Firestorm

G111 - Generator

Honda: CBR1000RR (2004-2009) Frame code SC57

G112 - Generator

Honda: CBF1000 (2006-2008)

G136 + RR136 - Hi-Output Generator

Yamaha: WR250F, WR450F (04 on)

G144 - Generator

KTM: 250EXC, 400EXC, 400SX, 450SX, 525EXC, 525MXC

G145 + RR58 Generator

KTM: 400EXC, 400SX, 450SX, 525EXC, 525MXC

G146 - Generator

KTM: 125EXC, 200EXC, 300EXC

G147 + RR58 - Generator Gas Gas EC200 EX250 EC300

GAS GAS: EC200, EC250, EC300 (2000 on)

G180 - Generator

Honda: VFR800 VTEC (2002 - on) (Interceptor - USA model)

G190 - Generator

Honda: CBR900RR (2002-04), CBR954

G201 - Generator

Honda: RS250 - electric start

G260 - Generator Suzuki SV650 DL650A

Suzuki: SV650 K4-L2 (2004-2014), DL650A - G260

G265 - Generator

Suzuki: DR650RS

G266 - Generator

Yamaha: YFM660 Raptor

G267 - Generator

Yamaha: Warrior 450, Big Bear

G280 - Generator

Suzuki: DR750, DR800

G283 - Generator

Suzuki: RG500

G285 - Generator

Suzuki: DR350S

G318 - Generator

Suzuki: DRZ400

G340 - Generator

Kawasaki: KFX400   Suzuki LTZ400

G374 - Generator

Kawasaki: Z1000 (02 on)

G410 - Generator

Honda: XL350R, XR350, XL500R, XR500R, XL600, XL600R, XR600R

G412 - Generator

Yamaha: XN125, YP125 Majesty
Benelli: 125 Velvet

G425 - Generator

Yamaha: YP250 Majesty Scooter

G435 - Generator

Yamaha :Warrior Quad

G443 & RR17 - Generator

Honda: XR400, XR650

G450 - Generator

Yamaha: YP500

G560 - Generator

KTM: 625SXC, 625SMC, 640 LC4, 640 Duke, 660SMC

G601 - Generator

Yamaha: R1 YZF-R1 (2002-2003)

G606 - Generator

Yamaha: R6 (2006 on)

G660 - Generator

Triumph: Speed 4, Daytona 600, TT600

G675 - Generator

Triumph: Daytona 675 (2006-2008) VIN 381274 & (2009-2012) VIN381275, Speed Triple 675 - G675

G701 - Generator

Beta: Techno
Gas Gas: Pro5 300cc

G701 - Generator Husqvarna 410 610 SMR570  VOR 530

Husqvarna: 410, 610, SMR570
Vor: 530

G811 - Generator

Aprilia: 125/250 Leonardo, RS125

G955 - Generator

Triumph: Daytona 955i, Sprint 955i (98-04), 1050

G990 - Generator

KTM 650, 950, 990 Adventure 2006-2012

G999 - Generator

Ducati 749, 999 (2005-2006)

GU-60/RR2 - Alternator Kit Universal

Single phase Alternator unit and Regulator Rectifier

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