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Quality product and easy to fit - RR881

"I've just fitted your RR881 RR, Credit where its due, fitting was really easy, it was on a VFR800FI. I utilised the original Honda generator plug as it was a direct fit to your RR and in great condition. The difference is amazing, runs cool and holds the charging voltage at 14v. Quality product and quality bracket. Took 15 minutes to fit."

Gary (09/05/2022)
Great dependability - STK-407

Great dependability - STK-407

"We have been using Electrex's racing ignition for the past several years with great dependability and success in AHRMA's Vintage Flat Track Racing on our Knight Frame TT500 ridden by Charlie Williams # 2s and have won National Class Championships in 2018 and 2020."

Tim Bolin (05/02/2022)


"Picture is of Tim Joyce (credit: Etechphotos), 5th in the AHRMA 350GP championship this year (after entering the series over half way through the season) using your ignition.".

Nigel Smallbone (12/12/2021)

Stator Kit - STK-467D

"I have just had my first ride after fitting one of your systems to my 1978 xs650 Yamaha and I couldn't be happier".

"Thanks very much".

Peter Collins (08/11/2021)

Brilliant prompt service

"I have a Triumph TR5MX (Basically a BSA B50MX) which came with your total loss ignition system fitted when I bought the bike 5 years ago.

Out for a ride on Monday and lost sparks. I`m not brilliant with electronics but did some basic checks to make sure it wasn't a faulty kill switch and then emailed your technical department yesterday.

I would like to say a huge thankyou to Bob who replied today and guided me through a few simple checks which identified the stator as being ok and the combined HT/CDI unit as the failed component. Brilliant prompt service and I`ve ordered a new unit today.

I don't usually make a point of complimenting companies, but when I bought the bike, it also came with the original points set up and a Boyer unit so I had options and decided to stick with the Electrex unit already fitted- I had been on line and looked at all the reviews and unfortunately the reviews for Electrex were not very good, but I left it on as it's a nice simple unit and it was working fine, although I had to set the timing differently to the instruction guide to get the best results.

It`s been on the bike 6 years that I know of. So that's not to bad for an electrical component on a big vibrating single cylinder bike.

The reviews I read on line , bear no relationship to the service I have received, which has been really great, a big thankyou and congratulations on an excellent product and a great customer service experience. Big thanks to Bob".

Graeme Buck (27/10/2021)

Prompt Service to Australia

"Hi All at Electrexworld."

"Just a thankyou for your prompt service, the parcel with my regulator has arrived at our workshop in Australia (much quicker than we can obtain parts here I might add), very impressed with your service, thank you."

Bill (05/10/2021)

Well made stator

"Team Electrexworld,

I thought I would let know...

I ordered a stator for a 2007 Triumph Daytona 675 to be delivered to my home address in Western Australia.

The excellently packaged part arrived at my home within five days through DHL!

The well made stator went into the motorcycle without any dramas.

Keep up the good work and keep manufacturing in the U.K.

Kind regards."
     - Josh

Regulator Rectifier

"Bought a reg / rec from you guys yesterday, fitted it today, so nice to buy an aftermarket product that has all the correct connectors and fits as it should, thank you. Also picked it up in person and your staff were great too."     - Jok tate

Thanks for great service

"Just a note to say many thanks for my order received spot-on time this afternoon. All fitted and working fine. Kind regards."      - Chris L

Stator Kit - STK-200

"Many thanks for the prompt service in sending me the rotor which is now installed and the bike starts first kick every time!

I have spoken to Chris at Meriden Off Road to update him on the situation.

I don't know if you are aware but Chris recently set two new world records at Pendine Sands on a Tiger Cub using Electrexworld STK-200 ignition, Regards".
     - Bob Gibbs

Terrific unit

"Purchased a TZ 350 ignition of your company four years ago terrific unit goes well highly recommend to all"     - Fred

Prompt and courteous service

"The parts arrived safely this morning - Many Thanks indeed for your prompt and courteous service.

Excellent Stuff!"
     - Hugh

Fast Service

"Hi just a quick text. To say thanks very much. I only ordered my regulated/rectifier yesterday noon ish. It came today noon ish. Fantastic I've fitted electrex stator & regulater/rectilfier. And once again my aprilia rsv bursts in to life. All seems great now thanks again !"     - Jimmy Thomson

Outstanding service, highly recommended

"Just taking time to commend your excellent service. The order below was placed & paid for on Friday, & delivered to my address in Buderim, Queensland , this morning, ( Tuesday). Outstanding service, highly recommended"     - John Berry

Excellent products, excellent service

"Ive been using products from electrex world for a few years now down here in spain, and feel i need to add something to your testimonials because ive been more than happy with the service and products.

Every time i have called to place an order, its been dealt with in the most professional manner possible, and even the most odd enquiry has had a solution.

The products ive received have made it down here to spain in a week and my clients have been more than satisfied, especially with the guarantee you give your products, which here in spain the OEM manufacturers do not offer. and to date, i have NEVER had to use the guarantee! in that respect, the quality is assured.

Excellent products, excellent service, and i look forward to continuing doing business with electrex world."
     - Matthew Creagh - Spain

Ignition Stator - ST3298

"I want to thank you for taking the time on checking on a item to see if it was in stock, after purchasing and receiving it yesterday in the mail...I installed it about 2 hours after. My bike fired right up and runs smooth, I am so glad to have found your site. Saved me time and money. Thanks for the great service!" "     - Alex Rasmussen - USA

Regulator Rectifier - RR99 2

"Just a quick note to say thank you for excellent service, when I placed the order on Friday I assumed it would be dispatched on Monday and get to me later in the week. I was pleasantly surprised when the regulator rectifier arrived first thing Saturday morning enabling me to fit it over the week end. It works perfectly and my bike is now charging the battery correctly again.

I will be recommending Electrexworld to all my motorcycling friends and colleagues. "
     - Gary May

Regulator Rectifier - RR58

"Hi Lisa my replacement RR58 Regulator/rectifier arrived in the post today, (now that's what you call speedy service)!! I have fitted it to my bike and Hallelujah I now have regulated voltage feeding my battery. I can't thank you guys enough for the outstanding service I have received with this issue. Can you please let Russell know that this problem has been successfully resolved. Once again many thanks for all that you have done to help me with this problem, it really is appreciated. As always I will recommend Electrex World Ltd to others. Thank you very much, please pass on my thanks to Russell. I have been delighted with the service I have received from you and the company."     - Bobby Roberts

Starter Motor - SM125

"Just like to say thank you for brilliant service by Lisa, ordered a aprilia rs 125 starter motor SM125 been trying to get one for weeks you got it to me the very next day and product is excellent my bike started first time! Thank you very much!!     - Simon Hart

Regulator Rectifier - RR51

"Just to say thank you for your excellent service got the Regulator/Rectifier for my Ducati this week to Bulgaria fitted it and the battery charge light now goes out so take it it is now charging. Hopefully i will not need anymore electrical items but if i do i will deal with your company and recommend you.     - Paul Beckett

Starter Motor Brush Kit - SMBK-147

"hi just to say i fitted this item this weekend and i would like to say what a good item this is it has saved me a lot of money items like this are hard to find many thanks "     - John, Ebay customer

Generator G1 | Regulator Rectifier RR10

"In December last year, I purchased from Precision Performance Motorcycle Parts, your agent in Australia, a G1 alternator and an RR10 rectifier for my 1980 Kawasaki Z650. Have have finally fitted the items and to my surprise after 15 minutes running, the battery was getting a charge it was not getting prior. At 1000 RPM, I now have 14VDC at the battery, the bike idles so much better and it runs so much better. Acceration is way better. I am now having to make some jetting changes to compensate for the better spark. Thanks to Paul at Precision Preformance and the Team at ElectrixWorld."     - Steve Maynard-Smith, Christchurch, New Zealand

Regulator Rectifier - RR99

"Thank you very much for the replacement RR99. I received it yesterday, fitted it today and recovered the bike ready for Mallory on Saturday morning. Let me say another big thank you for the amazing, no-quibble attitude of Electrex World. If only Lings Triumph had a similar outlook to customer relations."     - Neil Davidson

Excellent Service

"Can I just thank you so much for the first class service I received when I purchased the wrong Rg rectifier. The pleasant and helpful response to my phone call and the prompt despatch of a replacement was indeed refreshing. If all traders dealt with their customers this well the country may well be in a much better state. Congratulations.     - Stephen Finn

Stator Kit - STK-275D

Stator Kit - STK-275D

"I've just returned from Speed Week here in Australia where we set a land speed record of 149.229 MPH in the M/F 750 class, on my Suzuki GT750. This bike has your STK-275 ignition on it, which did an excellent job.      - Stephen Finn

Generator - G75

"I would like to say thank you for the very fast delivery of the parts I ordered this week. They arrived exactly when they were supposed to, and my bike is now fixed and charging again.

It's so refreshing to be able to buy British made parts at a good price, with such excellent service."
     - Dave Worker

Stator Kit - STK-350D

Stator Kit - STK-350D

"Thank you, for very good service. - Looking forward to have good support from you and your company in the future, if any problems or product news.

By the way, took two podium, 1`st and 2`nd, on Slovakia ring " Grab the Flag Cub" last weekend. "
     - Ove Koch

Generator - G52

"I have left you good feed back (ebay), but feedback does not feel like enough I would like to thank you for the very fast turn round for me on this item ( orderd at 3.45pm wednesday ( yesterday ) and arived at 9am the following morning ( today ). my bike was back on the road by 10.30am big thanks again"     - Gary Cope


"I have a 650 Formula and the regulator emitted lots of smoke and electrical odour !

I purchased a new unit through Electrix World in UK www.electrexworld.co.uk

I am in Australia and the new unit was delivered within 4 working days and at a very realistic price. The unit fits straight on and and appears a much improved unit to the origianl Ducati unit.

Very impressed "
     - Mick

Various products

"Martin Gardner here, I bought a few products a few weeks back, I Just wanted to email you guys & let you know how thankful we were to find your website..

I've wrote a small post on our forum to let the other guys know of your products etc.. I hope you find this useful and generates a few sales for you..."
     - Martin Gardner

Stator Kits - STK-025

"Please thank Pete, yourself and Richard for all the help given with sorting out the STK25 kit for our 1975 KX250 and as a result we have won the 2009 PRE75 250 British Grass Track Championship and we couldn't have done it without the system. Many Thanks"     - Richard Warry

Stator Kits

"I have finally gotten the time to install your electrical parts into my old Ducati. the modified stator mounting plate fit perfectly and the hook up were quite simple and boy does it work well!

That old Ducati has more electric at idle than it ever had at 6000rpm as new,your stuff works great, now I have a real headlight, horn, taillight and the battery always comes home with lots of voltage in it!

Like I told you before, as soon as I get closer to being finished on my 250 Widecase single I will be coming to buy another system from you for sure, thanks ever so much again for all your help!

Now I got to get your name to my friends with no headlights! Thanks, "
     - Chris Jensen

Stator Kit - STK-990

"Many thanks for the electronic ignition kit for my Greeves Challenger.

The parcel arrived on-time today and I will be fitting it over the weekend.

I am very impressed with the quality of the product, the professional packaging and the speed of delivery.

I am looking forward to trying it out in the Greeves Classic Scrambles Championship. "
     - John Asprey

Ignition Coils - C6

"Just a note to say thanks for the coil works great I wish I had found you earlier it would have saved me so much time.Thanks."     - Roger Bell

Starter Motors and Brush Kits

"Hi All at Electrexworld, - Just a quick one to say thanks regarding my recent order - I'd ordered a brush kit, which arrived very promptly, but found the starter motor beyond reasonable repair once removed from the bike. Spoke to Lisa in sales, who was very helpful and organised a new starter motor to be sent for the next day, which duly arrived, was fitted and works a treat. I then returned the unused brush kit and was promptly refunded in full.

It's been good to deal with a company that is helpful, efficient and actually does what it says its going to do when it says its going to do it! Unfortunately all-to rare, these days.... Would happily recommend. "
     - Quentin Jaume

Generator - G90

"Just to say THANK YOU for such efficient & professional service!! My order arrived quickly & correctly! (something of a novelty these days.)

My husband owns a Kawasaki Z1000 A1, he bought a replacement alternator from you, in Reading, in 1988, & installed it in a car park nearby. It has worked perfectly EVER SINCE.

Its a pleasure still doing business with you. "
     - Caroline & Dave Floyd

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