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Online Catalogue |  HT Coils

HT Coils

HT2 - HT Coil

Twin output CDI coil. Ideal for twin spark plug cylinder heads.

HT3 - HT CDI Coil

Honda: XL600 1984-1986

HT4 - HT CDI Coil

Yamaha: XT600, XR500R, XL500R, XL500S, XL600R

HT-CDI 6 - Combined HTand CDI

Combined HT CDI for 2 stroke models

HT11 - 12v HT Coil

12v HT Coil - NOT CDI Coil, 54mm hole spacing

HT12 - 12v HT Coil

HT12 - 12v HT Coil ( 80mm hole spacing ) - NOT CDI COIL

HT13 - HT Coil

HT13 HT Coil - 80mm hole spacing, 2 terminals

HT14 - HT Coil

HT14 - HT coil, 80mm hole spacing, single lead, 2 terminals

HT15 - 6v HT Coil

HT15 HT Coil - British, early Japanese & MZ

HT16 - 12v HT Coil

HT16 - 12v HT Coil - British, early Japanese & MZ

HT20 - HT Coil

Yamaha: RD250, RD350

HT26 - HT Coil

HT26 - Vespa Scooter - 18mm Hole Spacing

HT32 - HT Coil

55mm Hole Spacing

HT37 - HT Coil

60mm Hole spacing

HT55 - HT Coil

55mm hole spacing

HT61 - HT Coil

Hole Spacing 80mm

HT73 - HT Coil

Hole spacing 90mm

HT75 - HT Coil

Hole spacing 100mm

HT80 - HT Coil

80mm hole spacing

HT90 - HT Coil

2 leads & 2 terminals
Fits Kawasaki Z1000A2 and other models (please check hole spacing mesurements)

HT102 - HT Coil

Honda: CB650, CB700, CB900, CBX1000M
Kawasaki: Z1000, Z1100

HTCDI-3  Combined HT & CDI coil

4 pin connector - Piaggio type (Manufactured by Ducati Energia)

Online Catalogue |  HT Coils

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