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Online Catalogue |  Generators


G01 - Generator Kawasaki KLX250 ZXR400 GT550

Kawasaki: KLX250, ZXR400, GT550*

G01 - Generator Kawasaki ZX6 (ZX600) Ninja

Kawasaki: ZX6 (ZX600) Ninja (98 on)

G01 - Generator Kawasaki Z650 SR650

Kawasaki: KZ650, KZ650E1, KZ650F1, SR650

G01 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ750

Kawasaki: GPZ750A1 GPZ750A3 GPZ750 UNITRAK

G01 - Generator Kawasaki GT750 Z750 ZR750

Kawasaki: *GT750, Z750E, Z750E1, *ZR750

G01 - Generator Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki: Z1000MK2, Z1000ST, Z1000JRK

G01 - Generator Kawasaki ZG1200 Z1300

Kawasaki: * ZG1200, Z1300

G01 - Generator Honda Dylan SES125

Honda: Dylan SES125 (Scooter)

G01 - Generator Norton Commander, F1, Rotary

Norton: Commander, F1, *Rotary

G01 - Generator Suzuki CS125 GS250 GSX250

Suzuki: CS125, GS250, GSX250

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS400 GS425 GS450

Suzuki: GS400E, GS400F, GS400T, GS425, GS450E, GS450L

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS650

Suzuki: GS650GL, GS650GT, GS650 Katana

G01 - Generator Suzuki GSX750

Suzuki: GSX750E, GSX750L, GSX750LS, GSX750ET

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS850

Suzuki: GS850L, GS850GT

G01 - Generator Suzuki GS1000 GSX1100

Suzuki: GS1000 Katana, GSX1100

G01/RR10 - Generator Kit Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki: Z650F, Z650LTD, Z650SR

G02 - Generator EL250 EX250 GPX250R

Kawasaki: EL250 Eliminator, EX250, GPX250R

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  GPZ250 GPZ250R ZZR250

Kawasaki: GPZ250*, GPZ250R, ZZR250

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  GPZ400 Z400 Z440 ZR400R

Kawasaki: GPZ400 Unitrak, Z400 Z440LTD* ZR400R Unitrak

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  Z500 GPZ550 Z550 ZR550

Kawasaki: Z500 GPZ550A1, GPZ550 Unitrak, Z550LTD, ZR550 Zephyr, ZR550F Unitrak

G02 - Generator Kawasaki  GT750 Z750L ZR750 ZR1100

Kawasaki: GT750, Z750L, ZR750 Zephyr, ZR1100 Zephyr

G02 - Generator Suzuki GSX750 XN860

Suzuki: GSX750, GSX750E, GSX750EF, GSX750ES, XN850

G02 - Generator Suzuki GS1000GL GSX1000

Suzuki: GS1000GL, GS1000GT, GSX1000E

G02 - Generator Suzuki GS1100 GSX1100

Suzuki: GS1100, GS1100G, GSX1100E, GSX1100EF, GSX1100ES

G03 - Generator

Kawasaki: ZL900, ZL1000 Eliminator, Z1000J/LTD/R, Z1000 Injection, GPZ1100 Unitrak, Z1100/GP/LTD/R/ST, ZG1200 Voyager*, Z1300 Injection

G03 - Generator Kawasaki ZL900 ZL1000 Eliminator

Kawasaki: ZL900, ZL1000 Eliminator

G03 - Generator Kawasaki Z1000J Z1000LTD Z1000R Z1000

Kawasaki: Z1000J, Z1000LTD, Z1000R, Z1000 Injection

G03 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ1100 ZG1200 Voyager Z1300 Injection

Kawasaki: GPZ1100, ZG1200 Voyager, Z1300 Injection

G03 - Generator Kawasaki Z1100GP Z1100LTD Z1100R Z1100ST

Kawasaki: Z1100GP, Z1100LTD, Z1100R, Z1100ST

G04 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ750 Z750 ZR1100

Kawasaki: GPZ750 Turbo, GPZ750 Ninja, Z750 Turbo, Z750L*, ZR1100 Zephyr*

G05 - Generator for Kawasaki VN700 VN750 VN800 L300

Kawasaki: VN700 Vulcan, VN750 Vulcan, VN800 Classic, VN800 Vulcan, L300 Bayon

G05 - Generator Suzuki SV650

Suzuki: GN450, SV650

G06 - Generator

Honda: Goldwing GL100, GL1100, GL1200

G07 - Generator

See Bike Models below

G07 - Generator Honda VLX400 VT400C VT500

Honda: VLX400 Shadow, VT400C Shadow, VT500C Shadow, VT500E, VT500FT

G07 - Generator Honda VLX600 VT600C XL600V

Honda: VLX600 Shadow, VT600C Shadow, XL600V Transalp

G07 - Generator Honda NV650C NX650 XL650V XRV750

Honda: NV650C, NX650 Dominator, XL650V, XRV750 Africa Twin*

G07 - Generator Suzuki VS600 VS700 VS750 VS800

Suzuki: VS600, VS700, VS750, VS800 Intruder

G07 - Generator Yamaha XZ550 SZR660 XV750SE TDM850 XV1000 XV1100

Yamaha: XZ550, SZR660, XV750SE*, TDM850, XV1000 Virago, XV1100

G08 - Generator Honda Yamaha

Honda: CX500E, CX650E, GL500, NTV600, GL650, NT650GT, NTV650, VT700C, NTV750C, NV750C Shadow, VT750C, VT750C2, PC800, VT800C, VT1100C, VT1100C2
Yamaha: Royalstar 1300, VMAX850, VMAX1200, XVZ1200, XVZ1300

G08 - Generator Honda CX500E CX650E GL500 NTV600 GL650

Honda: CX500E, CX650E, GL500, NTV600, GL650

G08 - Generator NT650GT NTV650 VT700C NTV750C NV750C

Honda: NT650GT, NTV650, VT700C, NTV750C, NV750C Shadow

G08 - Generator VT750C VT750C2  PC800 VT800C VT1100C VT1100C2

Honda: VT750C, VT750C2, PC800, VT800C, VT1100C, VT1100C2

G08 - Generator Yamaha Royalstar 1300 VMAX850 VMAX1200 XVZ1200 XVZ1300

Yamaha: Royalstar 1300, VMAX850, VMAX1200, XVZ1200, XVZ1300

G09 - Generator for Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha

Kawasaki: VN1500 Classic/Vulcan/SE
Yamaha: XV535 Virago, XTZ660*, XTZ750*, TRX850
Suzuki: LS650 (86-88), LS650 Savage (95-98), VS600, VS1400 Intruder

G09 - Generator Kawasaki VN1500 Classic Vulcan SE

Kawasaki: VN1500 Classic, VN1500 Vulcan, VN1500 SE

G09 - Generator Suzuki LS650, LS650 Savage, VS600, VS1400 Intruder

Suzuki: LS650 (86-88), LS650 Savage (95-98), VS600, VS1400 Intruder

G09 - Generator Yamaha XV535 XTZ660 XTZ750 TRX850

Yamaha: XV535 Virago, XTZ660*, XTZ750*, TRX850

G11 - Generator GPZ250, Z400, Z440LTD

Kawasaki: GPZ250 (belt drive)*, Z400*, Z440LTD*

G11 - Generator KLE300 KLE500

Kawasaki: KLE300, KLE500

G11 - Generator Kawasaki EN400 EN450 EN454 EN500 EX500

Kawasaki: EN400, EN450, EN454, EN500, EX500

G11 - Generator Kawasaki GPZ500S GT550 KZ550 Z550A2

Kawasaki: GPZ500S, GT550*, KZ550, Z550A2

G14 - Generator  Honda VF700C VF750C MAGNA VF700F VF750F INTERCEPTOR

Honda: VF700C and VF750C V45 MAGNA, VF700F and VF750F INTERCEPTOR

G14 Generator Honda VF700S VF750S SABRE

Honda: VF700S and VF750S V45 SABRE

G14 - Generator Honda VFR700 VFR750 NR750

Honda: VFR700, VFR700F, NR750, VFR750F* (1988-1989)

G14 - Generator Honda VF1000F VF1000R VF1100C V65

Honda: VF1000F, VF1000F2, VF1000R, VF1100C V65

G14 - Generator Aprilia Pegaso 650 BMW 650

Aprilia: Pegaso 650
BMW: 650*

G17 - Generator Honda Bros 400 (NC25) CB1-400 (NC27) CBR400 (NC29)

Honda: Bros 400 (NC25), CB1-400 (NC27), CBR400 (NC29)

G17 - Generator Honda CBR400RR (NC23) VFR400 (NC24) ATV-Pilot

Honda: CBR400RR (NC23)*, VFR400 (NC24)*, ATV-Pilot

G19 - Generator

Honda: CB650, CB650SC Nighthawk - European models only - NOT USA

G21 - Generator CB650Z CB750FA CB750FB CB750C CB750F2 (DOHC) CB750KZ

Honda: CB650Z, CB750FA, CB750FB, CB750C, CB750F2 (DOHC), CB750KZ

G21 - Generator Honda CB900C CB900F CB900F2

Honda: CB900C Custom, CB900F, CB900F2

G26 - Generator Aprilia RS50 AF150

This is a common scooter generator and fits Aprilia including RS50, AF150 and many others -
please ring or e-mail for more details.

G29 - Generator Kawasaki ZX6R ZX600R A1P

Kawasaki: ZX6R, ZX600R, A1P

G45 - Generator Kawasaki KLR250 KL600 KLR600 KLR650 KLX650R

Kawasaki: KLR250, KL600, KLR600, KLR650 Tengai, KLX650R

G45 - Generator Yamaha XT600

Yamaha: XT600 Electric start model only - please make sure you check the dimensions

G47 - Generator

Honda: CB250RS (electric start), CX500AB, FT500

G49 - Generator

Honda: XL600RM, TRX400EX, XBR500

G52 - Generator Honda VFR750F VFR800 CBR9900RR CBR1100XX

Honda: VFR750F (92 on)*, VFR800 (98-01), CBR900RR*, Fireblade, CBR1100 XX, Blackbird

G52 - Generator Ducati Hypermotard HM1100 HM1100S MH900E

Ducati:Hypermotard - HM1100, HM1100S, MH900E

G52 - Generator Ducati Monster 400 600 620 695 696 750 800 900 1000

Ducati:Monster - 400 (01-08), 400S (03), 600 (00-01), 620 (02-06), 620S (02-03), 695 / 696 (07-08), 750 (00-02), 750S (02), 800 (03), 800S (04), 900I.E. (00-02), 900S (00-01), 1000 (04-05), 1000S (03-05)

G52 - Generator Ducati Monster S2R 800 1000 S4R Testastretta S4RS Tricolore

Ducati:Monster - 400 (01-08), 400S (03), 600 (00-01), 620 (02-06), 620S (02-03), 750 (00-02), 750S (02), 800 (03), 800S (03), 900 (00-02), 900S (00-01), 1000 (03-05), 1000S (03-05)

G52 - Generator Ducati Multistrada MTS1000 MTS1100

Ducati:Multistrada MTS1000 (03-06), MTS1000S (05-06), MTS1100 (07-08), MTS1100S (07-08)

G52 - Generator Ducati SportClassic GT1000 Smart 1000 Mono Bip

Ducati: SportClassic - GT1000 (07), Smart 1000 (06), Sport 1000 (06), Sport 1000 Mono (07), Sport 1000 Bip (07-08), Sport 1000S (07-08)

G52 - Generator Ducati SuperBike 748 996 998

Ducati: SuperBike - 748 (99-02), 748S (00-02), 748R (00-02), 996 (99-01), 996S (99-01), 996R (01), 998 (02), 998S Bostrom / Bailey (02), 998 Matrix (04), 998S FE (04)

G52 - Generator Ducati SuperSport 620S 750 800 900 1000SS

Ducati: SuperSport - 620S (03), 750S (01-02), 750SS (00-02), 800S (03), 800SS (03-07), 900S (02), 900SS (00-02), 1000SS (03-06)

G53 - Generator

Honda: CB500 (94-97), RVF400R (NC35)*

G54 - Generator CB600F CBR600 FJS600

Honda: CB600F (Hornet), CBR600 (91-00), FJS600 Silverwing (please check dimensions)

G60 - Generator

Kawasaki: Z1300EFI

G62 - Generator

Yamaha: XS650

G64 - Generator

Kawasaki: ER6 (06-08) possibly later models.

G72 - Generator NSR250 NSR400 RFV400R RVF750R

Honda: NSR250, NSR400, RVF400R (NC35)*, VFR400Z (NC21), RVF750R

G72 - Generator VFR400 VFR400Z

Honda: VFR400 (NC24)*, VFR400 (NC30), VFR400 (uk model), VFR400Z (NC21)

G73 - Generator Kawasaki GPX400R GPX600R GPZ600R ZZR400 ZZR600

Kawasaki:, GPX400R, GPX600R, GPZ600R, ZZR400, ZZR600

G73 - Generator Yamaha XTZ660 XTZ750

Yamaha: XTZ660*, XTZ750*

G74 - Generator Honda CBR400R CBR600 VF400F VF500CV30 VF500F/F2

Honda: CBR400R, CBR600 (87-90), VF400F, VF500CV30, VF500F, VF500F2

G74 - Generator Suzuki LT300 King Quad 350 VX800

Suzuki: LT300, King Quad 350, VX800

G74 - Generator Yamaha SZR650 YP250 YZF600 (R6)

Yamaha: SZR650, YP250, YZF600 (R6) (94-99)

G75 - Generator

Honda: VFR750F (J-K 90-91)
Triumph: Tiger 955i, Speedtriple (2003), 955, 1050
Kawasaki: ZX12*
Yamaha: JZR600, YX600

G76 - Generator

Yamaha: FZR600 (89-99), XJ600 (80-91 - pre Diversion)

G77 - Generator

Suzuki: GSF500
Yamaha: YZF600/R6 (2000 on)

G78 - Generator

Suzuki: GSF400 Bandit, GSXR400 Import, GSX400 Katana

G83 - Generator

Kawasaki: KR-1S (250)

G86 - Generator

Yamaha: TDR250, TZR250

G88 Generator

Honda: ATC250R, TRX250, XR250

G89 - Generator

Honda: CBR900RR/929 - Frame Code SC44

G90 - Generator

Kawasaki: Z900, Z1000A/A1, Z1000 (Z1R)

G91 - Generator

Honda: TRX300EX

G92 - Generator

Fits most Ducati twin models. Also fits later Moto Guzzi models, please ring for more details
Cagiva: 750/900 Elefant

G93 - Generator

Fits early Ducati models

G94 - Generator

Kawasaki: ZX9R-C1

G95 - Generator

Suzuki: GSXR600K1, GSXR750K1

G96 generator

Aprilia: Pegaso 650

G97 - Generator

Honda: XLV1000 Varadero

G98 - Generator

V-Max 850, V-Max 1200

G110 - Generator

Honda: VTR1000 - Firestorm

G111 - Generator

Honda: CBR1000RR (2004-2009) Frame code SC57

G112 - Generator

Honda: CBF1000 (2006-2009)

G134 - Generator

Yamaha: WR450, WR450F (03 on)

G136 + RR136 - Hi-Output Generator

Yamaha: WR250F, WR450F (04 on)

G142 - Generator

KTM motrcycles

G144 - Generator

KTM: 250EXC, 400EXC, 400SX, 450SX, 525EXC, 525MXC

G145 + RR58 Generator

KTM: 400EXC, 400SX, 450SX, 525EXC, 525MXC

G146 - Generator

KTM: 125EXC, 200EXC, 300EXC

G147 + RR58 - Generator KTM 125EXC, 200EXC, 300EXC

!!<<b>KTM:</b> 125EXC, 200EXC, 300EXC

G147 + RR58 - Generator Gas Gas EC200 EX250 EC300

GAS GAS: EC200, EC250, EC300 (2000 on)

G149  + RR58  Generator & Regulator Rectifier

KTM: 250EXCE, 300EXCE 2008 on

G175 - Generator

Yamaha Roadstar XV1600

G180 - Generator

Honda: VFR800 VTEC (2002 - on) (Interceptor - USA model)

G190 - Generator

Honda: CBR900RR (2002-04), CBR954

G201 - Generator

Honda: RS250 - electric start

G265 - Generator

Suzuki: DR650RS

G266 - Generator

Yamaha: YFM660 Raptor

G267 - Generator

Yamaha: Warrior 450, Big Bear

G280 - Generator

Suzuki: DR750, DR800

G283 - Generator

Suzuki: RG500

G285 - Generator

Suzuki: DR350S

G318 - Generator

Suzuki: DRZ400

G340 - Generator

Kawasaki: KFX400   Suzuki LTZ400

G374 - Generator

Kawasaki: Z1000 (02 on)

G410 - Generator

Honda: XL350R, XR350, XL500R, XR500R, XL600, XL600R, XR600R

G412 - Generator

Yamaha: XN125, YP125 Majesty
Benelli: 125 Velvet

G425 - Generator

Yamaha: YP250 Majesty Scooter

G435 - Generator

Yamaha :Warrior Quad

G443 & RR17 - Generator

Honda: XR400, XR650

G450 - Generator

Yamaha: YP500

G560 - Generator

KTM: 625SXC, 625SMC, 640 LC4, 640 Duke, 660SMC

G601 - Generator

Yamaha: R1 YZF-R1 (2002-2003)

G606 - Generator

Yamaha: R6 (2006 on)

G660 - Generator

Triumph: Speed 4, Daytona 600, TT600

G675 - Generator

Triumph: Daytona 675 (2006-2008) VIN 381274 & (2009-2012) VIN381275, Speed Triple 675 - G675

G701 - Generator

Beta: Techno
Gas Gas: Pro5 300cc

G701 - Generator Husqvarna 410 610 SMR570  VOR 530

Husqvarna: 410, 610, SMR570
Vor: 530

G811 - Generator

Aprilia: 125/250 Leonardo, RS125

G955 - Generator

Triumph: Daytona 955i, Sprint 955i (98-04), 1050

Online Catalogue |  Generators

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